Getting started with CNC Automation

Find out now how machining companies are successfully overcoming today's challenges. The shortage of machining personnel, the growing demand for smaller production runs and ever-shorter delivery times are major obstacles.

Our solution? Automating your CNC machines! Cellro customers manage to increase their spindle hours to more than 5,000 hours per machine through CNC automation. Would you like to achieve this too? In this whitepaper, we explain how this is possible. 

In addition, find out: 

  1. 2024 update of technical possibilitiies of CNC milling machine and CNC lathe automation
  2. Simple steps for operators to learn a new product in 4 minutes 
  3. How to increase operators' job satisfaction
  4. Hoe productie output en spindeluren tot 5.000 uren per machine per jaar stijgen
  5. How production output and spindle hours increase to 5,000 hours per machine per year
  6. Do you produce many single pieces? Discover how automation is profitable even then
  7. How other machining companies have successfully automated their CNC production 

Download our whitepaper, with handy checklist, and find out how to take your CNC production to new heights! 


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Table of Contents

04. Introduction
06. Automating CNC lathes
08. Case study: GAB Metal
10. Automating CNC milling machines
12. Example: Creating unmanned production jobs
13. CNC-automation: what to look out for?
16. Checklist for CNC Automation
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About Cellro

Since 2004, Cellro has been a leading company in the CNC-automation industry. They are committed to create a smartly automated, modular, and flexible CNC-production world. A world where operators and CNC-machines work together at maximum efficiency. Enabling machining companies to compete sustainably with their local and global competitors on speed, quality, and price.